Real Estate Videos

There are two primary real estate videos that we offer. The first is called the Action Video Tour. The second video is the Realtor Introduction Video.



Action Video Tour

Q: What is an Action Video Tour?

A: An Action Video Tour is a video tour of the home. It goes beyond a standard slideshow video tour of the home. It is a stylish and exciting approach to showcasing the home and all of its features.


Q: Why do I need a Video Tour?

A: Video is the communication tool of the future. Online video reaches nearly 85% of the US Internet market. Video has been shown to increase sales conversions by 80%. Consider this your first showing.


Also when it comes to real estate, listings with videos generate 403% more inquiries or basically 4 times as many leads than those without videos.


Q: Why do I need a professional video tour? Can't I make my own?

A: You could but you are a very busy professional with better things to do than make a bunch of videos. Also, a poorly produced video will cost you leads because potential buyers will click away and you will not generate 4 times as many leads.


If you are still photographing your listing pictures with a cell phone or a point and shoot camera then you will be leaving money on the table at closing time!!!


A client would rather watch a video of a property than look through 30 pictures of a property on your website.


Q: How long will the video tour be?

A: Most video tours will be in the 2-5 minute range. However, a home with more features may take a longer video to showcase. If a video is well done they will watch it regardless of length. Chances are that if they are watching the video, they are serious buyers. They have probably pre-screened the proprty and they are an invested viewer. They'll probably even watch several times looking for things they missed in the first viewing.


Q: How long will it take to video the property?

A: Most shoots will take 1-2 hours. It will once again depend on the size of the home and the amount of features of the property.


Q: What else can we expect from an Action Video Tour?

A: The video tour will showcase the property and all of its features. Text will be used to inform the viewer more in detail. The video will also feature high quality licensed music to enhance the experience.


Q: How do I receive the final video?

A: We can provide the actual video file to upload or use as you wish. We can provide you with an embed code to embed the video directly on your website. We will also upload the video to YouTube for free to our channel but you are encouraged to upload it to your YouTube account as well.

The Realtor Introduction Video

A video biography allows a salesperson an opportunity to connect with their customers. You sell homes for a living. This is an opportunity to sell yourself. Build value in YOU! Much like our car sales introduction video, this is designed to introduce yourself to your potential clients and allow your personality to shine through. Think of it as a video business card. What seperates you from the other realtors in your area? They need to know that you will make finding their dream home a priority.


End the video with a call to action.What do you want the viewer to do next? Ask them to call to set up an appointment.


The Realtor can share their introduction story via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, website, or any other social media site on the web now and in the future.