Corporate Videos

Why Have a Corporate Video?

Q: What do we mean by corporate video?


A corporate video is a video that introduces a company. It is not only for corporations and large companies but for small, local companies as well. Any business including retail, manufacturing, services, hair salons, restaurants and bars, churches, government organizations, and corporations can benefit.


T² Productions, LLC., allows you and your business to tell your own unique story in your own words. Video is the communication tool of the future! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video tells the rest of the story. A professional video can connect you with your customers in a way that other media simply cannot. Corporate videos on your website can help you reach a wider and potentially global market. The bottom line is that a documentary-style video is a fast and affordable way to get your business noticed.


The final product can be placed on your own website, social media sites that feature your business including Facebook and YouTube, and anywhere else on the web. A company's website is a communication tool designed to convey the company's message and values, introduce products and services, and invite prospective customers to learn more about your business and a video can help you do that.

Watch this quick video to learn more about why you need video marketing


The Corporate Introduction Video

This video is designed to simply introduce your company. The video introduction is typically delivered by the owner, president, or CEO in an interview-style format designed to create the natural flow of a conversation. However, the on-screen delivery could also be done by a spokesperson, employee, customer, or a combination of each.

The finished product looks natural and unrehearsed.

  • Video length is 1-2 minutes (designed to hold viewer's attention any longer and they may tune out)
  • The shoot will last 60-90 minutes
  • Be sure to tell an engaging story (don't give numbers)
  • Show off your company's personality
  • Consider your audience
  • Make it real and keep it fun
  • Highlight what makes your business unique
  • Let your customers praise you & allow employees to shine
  • Shot list: Use well-lit areas. We use natural lighting to avoid the need for complex set-up and production times so that we do not interfere with the flow of your business
  • Consider eliminating excess noise (only near where the interviews will be staged)

The Personal Introduction Video

This video is designed to simply introduce your customers to your employees so that they can connect with you on a deeper, more personal level so that they feel better about doing business with you. This video is excellent for salespeople. Video can be placed on your websites "About Me" section or "Meet Our Staff". Sales people can share their individual videos on social media or by email.

  • Video length is about 1 minute
  • Shoot is very short
  • Show off your personality
  • Consider Your Audience
  • Be authentic
  • Can choose from digital or practical backgrounds

The Whiteboard Explainer Video

The Whiteboard Exapliner video looks like a white board. It is 100% animated. It is used to introduce a project, company, website or product.

  • Video is typically 1-3 minutes. 1 Minute is best.
  • Animated
  • Narrated with background music

The Testimonial Video

This video is designed to showcase your satisfied customers and clients. Who tells a company's story better than your own satisfied customers? One satisfied client is worth a thousand dollars of advertising. Let your customers praise you!

  • Video length can be 2-5 minutes (still best to keep it short & simple)
  • Shoot will last no more than 2 hours (make sure your featured customers arrive ahead of time)

TV Commercial

This is a standard television commercial. This can be shot live action or in front of a green screen. It may also incorporate aspects of the above videos.

  • 5-60 seconds
  • Can be filmed on location or can involve lighting & a green screen
  • Can include a professional voice over narration
  • Professional background music
  • Your business is still resposnible for buying airtime on television.

The e-Commercial

This video differs from the above videos in that it is actually a standard commercial. This is primarily designed for small local businesses that cannot afford to pay the broadcast rates from their local cable company to broadcast their commercials. This gives them an alternative. A professionally produced commercial designed to be placed directly on websites, social media sites, and YouTube.

  • 30 or 60 second spots
  • Could be filmed on location or may involve more of a production approach (including lights, green screens, etc.)
  • Can include professional voice over narration
  • Professional background music
  • No broadcast time needed

The Review Video

This video is designed to simply share the best reviews that your customers have left for your business via Facebook, Yelp or other social media outlets and put them together into a 30-60 second video that is typically combined with an SEO package to make you more visible to potenital customers.


Every video project is different and priced to reflect the needs of that particular video. Many factors go into determining price including length of shoot, length of video, contents of video, and overall production that goes into the video including estimated time to edit. Please contact us today to discuss your needs and request a price quote.

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