Car Sales Video Introduction

A video biography allows a salesperson an opportunity to connect with their customers. You sell cars for a living. This is an opportunity to sell yourself. Build value in YOU!

Video is the communication tool of the future. Online video reaches nearly 85% of the US Internet market. Video has been shown to increase sales conversions by 80%.

71% of the customers buy because they like, trust, and respect their salespeople. Does building rapport have to start at the time of sale? What if you could connect with your customer before they even step foot into your dealership?

Dealerships could have a meet our sales staff link with a video that introduces each of their salespeople. Salespeople could share this video via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, or any other social media site on the web now and in the future.

Wouldn’t this video make it easier for customer referrals? All you have to do is ask your satisfied customers to share your video on their Facebook wall and tell their friends to go see you when they are in the market for a vehicle. Couldn’t you direct a phone-up to your video so they know who to look for when they get to the dealership and they will already feel like they know you and will be more comfortable with you?

The important part is that you let your personality shine through. Introduce yourself. Tell how long you have been in the business or how long you’ve been at your current dealership. Keep it short. Are you married? Have kids? What are your hobbies? Humanize yourself. You’re not just someone that wants to sell them a car. Don’t come across as a “salesperson”. Don’t give them a sales pitch or tell them about the amazing deal that you can get them. Instead, tell them that you enjoy working with people and that you look forward to helping them with their needs or that you enjoy helping customers improve their current situations.

Finally, end the video with a call to action. You could say, “Stop in and see me” or “call to set up an appointment”. It is okay to give your cell number. You want them to call YOU! They can get the dealership’s number anywhere. What happens if they call the dealership? There is always a possibility that they could be connected with a different salesperson. Make it easy for them to connect with you.